Good website yours sincerely, Lorelei Serfling
Would like to have our group come out to listen.
just watched/listened to video of take the a train. great stuff, but who was that old fart playing bass that was too feeble to stand? plays pretty good though....
Y’all's music sounds so good, it'll make you wanna smack your mama with a muffaletta! For anyone out there that needs a band for a private party, you've found them! They made a 40th birthday party a smash hit. We can't wait to see you guys play again. We’re polishing our dancin' shoes! By the way, you sounded amazing at the Basement! Thanks again, Chris and Melissa
do you have any band merch? tshirts? price, availability?
John I knew you when we both wore black and were thinking about going gay due to our inablility to get dates in the 60. Does that make us pioneers. Or is this to much information. Stephen Abel
Cool jazz, bro! Keep it up, boys!

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